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About Us

Established by Mr. Ashish Parekh in 2000, Aashish Publicity has emerged as one of the Best Advertising Agencies in Surat and a leading Outdoor Advertising Company in Surat over the past two decades. The company presently has in its fold, over 35 prominent hoardings in Surat. We have a multitude of Outdoor Advertising services, such as Hoarding Advertising, Radio Advertising, Cinema Advertising, Mobile Van Advertising, Discount Coupon, Leaflet/brochure inserts and distribution, all of which offer their own unique impact. With so many years of goodwill, Aashish Publicity, one of the Best Advertising Agencies in Surat, has been able to make its mark in OOH Media Advertising. Due to our consistent dedication and swift delivery of services, we have earned a distinctive standing in the industry. 

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Our Company

We at Aashish Publicity, value and hold every customer relation in high esteem and provide the best of services with an excellent team who interact with the clients to discuss and understand their OOH advertising needs. Our clientele ranges from large spenders to medium spenders, and even small spenders, but each one having respected and recognizable and respectable brands. Working with us for your advertising needs, you will be assured of the asset quality, audience connections and resources that today’s marketers require. We have right kind of resources and experience to ensure seamless execution of campaigns. We take pride that today the name ‘Aashish Publicity’ is synonymous with quality media and services.

Mission & Vision

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