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Group Of Companies

Aashish Publicity Group is the registered trademark for the diverse group of companies operating under the Aashish Publicity Group trademark umbrella. The parent holding company is Aashish Publicity, is a leading outdoor advertising company in Surat, providing outdoor advertising services. The group of Aashish Publicity companies began as “Sonalta Digibiz”, Digital Marketing Company in 2004 which provides top-notch digital marketing services, and “Emerge-the Inside Out” in 2013, which provides training and consultancy services across Surat.

Emerge- The Inside Out

Founded in 2013, Emerge- The Inside Out focuses on competency training and consulting services that improve the performance and productivity of individual and organization. Since its inception, Emerge has committed to provide constant training, quality consultation, innovation, and creative thinking.

Sonalta DigiBiz

Sonalta Digibiz is a start-up venture by digital media professionals in association with Aashish Publicity Group, specializing in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic Designing since two decades.

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